Team Rules and Procedures



Be on time. Practice begins promptly at 4:45 and ends at 6:45. One unexcused tardy is allowed. A second tardy to any team function will result in ‘duties’ as designated by the coaching staff. A third tardy will result in indefinite suspension and a coach/athlete/parent conference.

Be ready. Athletes are expected to have the proper training shoes and clothing. We run in all kinds of weather and athletes should be prepared for the heat, rain and whatever else falls on us. Runners should be well fed and properly hydrated.

Be respectful. Any disrespect of self or others will not be tolerated. Violation of this will result in indefinite suspension and a coach/athlete/parent conference (and the loss of a varsity letter).

Be present. All athletes are expected to attend the conference duel meets, City County and PAC-6 Championships and Regionals/States. Athletes are expected to notify the coaching staff in advance of any possible tardies and/or absences. The coaching staff will determine if the absence is valid and thus excused or invalid and unexcused. One unexcused absence will be permitted. The second unexcused absence will result in indefinite suspension from practice and or competitions and a coach/athlete/parent conference (and the loss of a varsity letter).

Be role models. Failure to adhere to the student-athlete pledge or maintain passing grades in all classes will result in an indefinite suspension.

Be Jordan. Athletes will adhere to the Jordan Code of Ethics and abide by all the rules and procedures as determined by the Administration and Athletic Director.

Be gone. Athletes will be picked up at the traffic circle next to the track. Athletes cannot go anywhere else to be picked up. Athletes should be picked up no later than 5:00. Two violations will result in indefinite suspension.

Be Wooden. There are three principles we try to live by. There is no whining. There is no complaining. There are no excuses.

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2016 Jordan Cross Country Team Rules/Procedures

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