Note from Coach Mulligan

December 7, 2015

Dear Falcons,

When I started at C.E. Jordan in 2002, I began a journey that would take me through exhilarating peaks and disheartening valleys with you. I have been fortunate to coach and teach unbelievable boys and girls, and I will remember you all my life. It was an honor to coach cross country and to share my passion with you and 12 graduating classes. To say I will miss it would be an understatement.

When I took ownership of the running program, I took personal responsibility for your overall development and improvement as a runner and as a person. I coached with passion and enthusiasm because I had great respect for the sport and you. I hope you understand I was and still am your fan. I know how much you tried; I am in debt for the choices and sacrifices you made to be better and to make our program better. I have the utmost respect for you, and I thank you for your dedication and commitment to the higher, more-challenging standard I set for you. I know that you are a stronger person for having been a part of our program and hope this strength carries you in times of need.

As your Coach, I must insist on you doing one more thing: Pursue excellence with a tenacity that others will question and call you crazy. Your preparation should be extraordinary as you chase greatness; run more miles than is expected and run them like your life depended on it. Have the vision and faith to strive for more in and out of the classroom and don’t settle for anything less than your absolute best in anything and everything you do. You have the power and ability to achieve great things but only if you pursue success with enthusiasm, passion and tenacity.

I am proud to have been your coach, and I will continue to be your fan.

Coach Michael Mulligan


Want it.

Love it.

Need it.