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2019 Boys Summer Running Schedule

Boys Summer Running Schedule

Summer running schedule takes place at Al Buehler Trail on Hwy 751 at Duke University. We meet Monday- Friday at 7am in the upper gravel parking lot. Summer runs begin Monday June 12th.

New Runners- Welcome to Jordan Cross Country! When you join our summer runs meet with the coaches and we will adjust goal distances on an individual basis

Tempo runs- One of the most important aspects of summer training. On these days we will warm up for 1-2 miles and then do a timed tempo run. After the Tempo we will finish with 2-3 mile cool down. The tempo run will be 30 seconds slower than 5k race pace.

Hills- Warm-up 1-2 miles, followed by hill repeats or a hilly run. Focus on running with good form, and good effort up the hill

Aerobic Run- A comfortable quick long run. Work to get your heart rate up but do not push to tempo or race pace efforts

Fartlek- “Speed Play”- runners will work in pickups or timed speed efforts during a run.

Contact Coach Brendan Murray with questions.  Email brendan.murray@dpsnc.net