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2015 VICI Runs

Login to http://www.runningmap.com/beta/, and under the "search" menu, enter one of the runs listed below. This will bring up a result at the bottom of the page. Highlight the located run and select "Load Selected Route" from the right hand side, you can then select the close button to close the located run for a full screen view of the route.

There are 3 loops called:
VICI 5.25
VICI 7.4
VICI 9.7

Mondays - VICI 9.7 which can be easily abbreviated to 7.5 for less fit runners.
Tuesdays – VICI 7.4
Wednesdays - Buehler hills & fartlek or Godiva repeat races
Thursdays - 2 tempo loops at Buehler
Fridays - VICI 5.25