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2015 Girls Running Schedule

JHS XC Summer Training Guidelines


Upperclassmen & athletes who have had a minimum 2 years running experience, follow Plan A.

ALL incoming freshmen, no matter what your prior experience, follow Plan B. Any other athlete with less than two years running experience, follow Plan B. If you (or your daughter) have less than two years running experience, but have played other running-intensive sports, contact me & we’ll talk about which plan to follow.

  1. Run EASY & EVEN - When you finish your runs you should be tired but comfortable, out of breath but not panting or gasping for air. Our goal is to build a strong aerobic base. You do not need to run fast every day in order to achieve this goal. If you get the minutes in, no matter what the pace, you have accomplished what you need to for the day.

  2. FILL IN YOUR LOGS - write down on the calendar what you do everyday. Trust me, you’ll want it later. And so will I. Fill them in. Then bring them to practice on Mondays.

  3. Consistency is key - Run on a consistent basis. From time to time you might have a day or two where you simply cannot fit a run in. Or maybe you played beach volleyball for an hour, and a 50 minute run is on the calendar- go ahead and cut it down to a 30 minute run. That’s okay, as long as it doesn’t happen on a regular basis. Progress is made in baby steps, day by day, week by week. Consistency is key in achieving your goals; inconsistency increases the risk of injury.

  4. Flexibility & Core Strength - Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, every single day! I cannot emphasize this enough. Go to yoga, do yoga in your living room while watching a youtube instructor or on your Wii Fit, or just stretch for 15 solid minutes a day. If you don’t have a foam roller and a lacrosse ball, get them. You all know what we do for core strengthening. 15 minutes 2x per week and one 30 minute core session. FLEXIBILITY/CORE STRENGTH IS THE #1 WAY TO PREVENT INJURY, AND ITS EASY.

  5. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY - you all are intelligent young women. Use your head. You will have good days and bad days, everyone does and will. That’s not only a part of training, but a part of life. Do NOT decide to be a tough guy and “muscle through” the bad days. Injuries happen when we try to run through fatigue. Fatigue causes our running form to break down, and running on bad form increases injury risk. If you’re feeling especially tired, slow down and focus on your form.

    1. Mid-foot strike underneath you center of gravity

    2. Relaxed upper body, arms loose and swinging by your waist

    3. Straight spine, engaged core with your legs underneath you

    4. Drills! Practice A, B, C skips plus the others we have gone over in practice.

    5. If you’re feeling especially tired for the majority of days over a two week period, contact me!!

On the other hand, if you’re feeling great and want to push it a little bit on a run, go for it. Make sure its still EASY & EVEN, and do not push yourself beyond the point of fatigue. We have 9 whole weeks in the fall to execute VO2 max and threshold workouts. Trust me, save it.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Your goal is to peak on October 31st. We are not just training for cross country season, we are training for the regional meet- we want state qualifiers. Period. As with all long term goals in life (not just running!), you must be patient. Run easy, run even, push it when you can, save it when you need to, but always remember the process. Each and every day counts.

Slowly, and with consistency, build up your mileage this summer. We will NOT be continuing to build mileage in the fall. Once we get through the first couple of weeks of the season, mileage will gradually decrease.

Most importantly… have fun and have a wonderful summer! Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Lauren Bishop: (910) 315-9093 laurenpbishop@gmail.com