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2015 Ladies PAC-6

Good Evening Falcons,

I know this is a bit of a lengthy email, but I promise it will only take a few minutes to read. Athletes especially- please read it all.

What a Friday we had! I just wanted to let you girls know how incredibly proud I am of you all. I only wish a few of you had a couple more opportunities to race- as a team you all are truly on the upswing and in peak season. Looking at the numbers, I thought I'd point out some AWESOME highlights!

Every single athlete who raced Friday ran at least a season PR. 9 out of the 11 girls who raced ran lifetime PRs. Of the 9 who ran lifetime PRs, they collectively chopped7:46 off of their 5k times. SEVEN MINUTES 46 seconds. That means the average PR for those 9 was 52 seconds per person! 

Together, the two that ran season PRs improved on their previous season PRs (both ran only 6 days prior to Pac-6's) by 1:13

This is incredibly impressive overall, but even more so for runners #4-7 in the varsity race. Emily, Rachel, Beth and Serena were stuck in no mans land by themselves for the majority of the second half of the race. Great job staying mentally tough and executing.

The season is not over yet.

We still have two weeks till Regionals. There is just a little more work to be done. You all still have your best races within you. It's time to fine-tune and hone-in to get ready to ROLL on Halloween. Sleep well, eat well, wear layers.

Here's a quick individual re-cap to what was clearly our best race (so far): [previous PR] [Pac6 time/current PR] [time improvement]

Rebecca Alba- 26:03 24:52 1:11
In Rebecca's first season running cross country she has consistently shown up and given her best effort day in and day out. Excited to see what she can accomplish in track ;)

Emily Ashton- 23:09 22:14 0:55
I clocked Emily at 17 seconds behind the next competitor at the bottom of the hill. She finished 4 seconds behind the next girl. Math= Emily made up 13 seconds over a 400m-ish uphill climb to the finish. While it may not have made a difference in the team scoring on Friday, that kind of finishing strength will have a HUGE impact in a more competitive Regional race. Great job on keeping your head up and running your best race no matter what, Em. 

Sydney Barker- 22:31 21:52 0:39
Great job racing through adversity! Significant time off (as opposed to just easy running days) before a race can make runners stale, but you really didn't show any of that. 

Maya Clinton- 27:01 26:17 0:44
About a month ago Maya got a new pair of running (not basketball) shoes, that may or may not have been desperately needed. Since then she has been on a roll. It's been great to see the other side of you Maya!

Izze DeCamillis- 22:38 21:39 0:59
Great breakout race Izze! Still believe you can run faster. Positive vibes only!

Amanda Lee- 24:38 23:31 1:07
Told you so.

Serena Palmer- 23:41 23:06 0:35
You can so run under 23 minutes. Great job staying on top of things and getting consistent!

Sarah Staehle- 20:53 20:45 0:08
The faster you run the more difficult it is to have huge PRs. However, Sarah, you've got to KNOW that you CAN run with that top group. You had a super powerful second half of your race. You can hang with the top chase pack for the first half, I promise. 

Irene Zhang- 24:58 23:27 1:31
Really? A minute and a half? SMH

Beth Armacost- Previous season PR: 23:29 23:02 0:27
Where have you been Beth? I bet if you let go of your shirt you can break 23 again ;)

Rachel Geoffrion- Previous season PR: 23:37 22:51 0:46
I saved the best for last, on purpose. As most of us have noticed, Rachel has been struggling with tendinitis in her knee for the greater part of the season (and maybe most of the summer as well). And while Rachel is a talented young woman, making a comeback like this is not just talent. Last week she stepped back into the lineup and immediately started having an impact on the team scoring. That's because she did what she needed to do during her downtime in order to get healthy and stay as close to competitive shape as possible. More importantly, it's because she stayed strong and positive mentally. Rachel, you are truly a role model to the rest of your team. I hope everyone can be inspired by your determination and mental fortitude. I know your senior cross country season isn't going exactly how either of us would have liked it to, but considering the circumstances, you have done an absolutely outstanding job. As a coach, I could not ask for anything more from a senior leader. 

Ana & Katelyn- thanks for coming out to cheer!! Your support is important!

Everyone else who didn't race- where are you now that we need you?? (Beiber voice)

While it's nice to see all these time improvements here, I would like to end by reminding all you runners of one thing: The Regional Championship is not about time. All that matters is place (many of you may still PR, however). Every person you pass is taking a point off of our team score and adding it to another team's. I think some of you may have ran your best race on Friday because there were no clocks or mile splits on the course. Now that everyone has PRed and ran their quickest: Let go of the clock and focus on beating people and running the best race that YOU are capable of. 

As a team, it doesn't look like we are in the running to make it to the State meet. But if we have our best day at Regionals, and a couple of teams are off... you never know what could happen. All we can do as a team is put ourselves in a position to capitalize on any opportunity that may arise. Individually, put yourself in a position to really strike and have your best race. Outcomes are not guaranteed, that's why they run the race. The top 4 teams and top 7 individuals not on a qualifying team go to states. 

You've got one last opportunity to see what you're made of. Let's go.

Coach Bishop