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2013 - Women's Providence Invitational Results

August 24, 2013
Providence Invitational
McAlpine Creek Park
70s and sunny - ideal

 Girls' Results
 Falcon Place Time Mulligan's comments
 Clark 56 20:49* You monopolized on a great day – congrats!
 Geoffrion 87 21:33 Believe you can improve – you’re in control
 Ochieng 166 23:17* Starting off with your best – sweet
 Armacost 188 23:52* This is a solid first race – welcome to JHS
 Ashton 195 24:00* I already know – you are a tough cookie
 Scott 205 24:52* I think you might have some fun this fall
 Roe 210 24:57 Gotta start somewhere – I know you can improve
 Saunders 216 25:18 It’s a little different than the pool, isn’t it?

1-5 Gap:  3:11 (We have some work to do)
24th place of 27 teams with 597 points; 234 runners
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I am optimistic the 2013 team can be competitive. The key will be to have all members trying to improve and helping each other to improve. Supporting your teammates and striving to be the best you can be is mandatory and not optional; it is a full time job and not a part time job. It is important each and every person train to be better. I believe we can build upon this start – which is a pretty good one and achieve more. Take pride in the work you do to improve and work towards a common goal – to be the best team possible.