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2013 - Women's Person Results

September 10, 2013
Person at Jordan

 Girls’ Results

 Clark 1 17:15 Good enough for a patch
 Geoffrion 2 17:45 Every race is an opportunity
 Armacost 3 18:41 Your progress is cool
 Ochieng 4 18:55 Gotta say – you look stronger than ever
 Armistead 5 18:56 Keep overcoming obstacles
 Ashton 6 18:57 Pack running is best
 Price 7 18:58 Keep it up – frosh, keep it up
 Roe 8 19:04 Ice, ice, baby
 Scott 9 19:16 Keep getting up
 LeClair 10 19:28 Turn comfort into confidence
 Saunders 11 19:30 Good job, kiddo
 Wielgus 12 19:39 Nice going, Maggie
 Cleary 13 19:40 Run with confidence
 Zhang 14 21:03 Keep working and good things will happen
 Grissom 16 21:27 Bounce back

1-5 Gap:  1:41

I liked watching you running in packs and working together. This can be very effective in training and in racing. Working together and sharing the pace can be very beneficial. There is synergy in running with others and this synergy can be energizing and help to improve performances. It is only effective if everyone is working together and striving to be better though. When each person is encouraging and pushing their teammate to be successful it leads to good things. The most enjoyable races I ever ran were ‘with’ a teammate. It will be more fun training and racing with a teammate and friend.