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2013 - Women's ECH Results

October 8, 2013
5000 meters
70 and overcast

 Girls’ Results
 Clark 6 21:38 That was a pretty good race, senior.
 Geoffrion 9 22:27 Be better than 2012 Rachel.
 Fraker 13 22:51 Have faith and use different speeds.
 Ochieng 14 23:06 Good running today.
 Armacost 15 23:07 October is the time to run your heart out.
 Ashton 16 23:11 Good pack running.
 Price 21 23:57 Hang with the team pack.
 Scott 23 24:11 Pack it up and pack it in.
 Roe 24 24:38 Was that really the last one at home?
 Wielgus 25 24:41 One more to rock.
 Grissom 26 24:47 Rip the last one.
 LeClair 27 24:52 Be under 24 at Riverside.
 Zhang 31 25:05 Aim high at PAC-6 next week.
 Cleary 32 25:32 Run a PR next Tuesday.
 Saunders 36 25:49 It goes fast.

1-5 Gap: 1:29 (pretty good)
Jordan 48 East Chapel Hill 15

Ouch…East looks like a contender, so that spanking doesn’t hurt too bad. The times are pretty good for this course and the conditions. I have faith we will run and race even better a few weeks from now. It is encouraging to see the pack running and everyone competing and trying to run their best. If you leave a mark on others and the program, it will be because of how you compete. I encourage everyone to stay positive and believe you can continue to improve and drop time.

This is a sport in which everyone can get better and improve their times. It does not happen by accident though. We got beat from top to bottom because they train at a higher intensity than we have because they are prepared to; their commitment to an off-season training program has been exceptional. As we approach the end of this season, I encourage you younger runners to dedicate yourself to a higher standard of training which includes long runs, fast aerobic runs, doubles, challenging hill runs, plyometric workouts, and or strength training. We have made progress in two months, but I want more because we are capable of achieving more. Strive to achieve excellence and don’t be satisfied with being average when you have the potential to achieve something extraordinary.

Seniors, this meet was a stop on the journey to “the end”. Thanks for your dedication and commitment to a higher standard. You have conducted yourselves admirably and should be proud of what you have achieved and helped those around you to achieve. You have elevated the program to new heights through your actions and efforts. I hope you got as much out of the program as you put in.