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2013 - Women's DA Invite Results

Durham Academy Invite
September 7, 2013
70's and ideal

 Girls’ Results
 Clark 10 20:54 You looked as good as you ever have – way to go
 Geoffrion 21 22:15 The demands of running and racing are pretty high
 Armacost 26 23:00* You continue to improve – good job
 Fraker 33 23:30 As you get stronger, your races will get better
 Price 39 23:41 This is pretty good; you’re going in the right direction
 Ashton 47 24:36 It’s early and I’m confident you can improve
 Scott 49 24:53 So close to another PR – keep it up

1-5 Gap:  2:47  (Let’s get this closer to 2:00 the next time out)
5th place with 129 points; 54 runners

 Girls’ JV Results
 Armistead  24:27* Is this another PR? Great
 Roe  24:47 Racing into shape is rarely fun
 Grissom  24:53 Come on, kiddo – use those track legs
 Saunders  25:32 Lungs and legs
 LeClair  25:43 It’s a lot different than an 800 race
 Cleary  26:19 Build strength and confidence will follow
 Zhang  26:30 Keep plugging away and good things will happen

It’s not easy racing 4 times in 3 weeks, but we have managed. Let these races be a springboard to getting better. It is early in the season, and I’m confident with some quality training, we can get better. Strive to be your best.