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2013 - Women's Conference Meet Results

October 15, 2013
PAC-6 Championships
Riverside High School
70 and very nice

 Girls’ Varisty Results
 Clark 5 21:33 Great time to be running and racing your best – SWEET!
 Geoffrion 10 22:33 Congratulations of an excellent championship race.
 Fraker 11 22:58 I have been one away and know it burns.
 Ochieng 14 23:50 If your second half of races were stronger you would be a terror.
 Ashton 15 23:51 Half a minute faster than the last time – great!
 Price 16 23:52 Keep getting better and you’ll reach your full potential.
 Scott 20 24:33 A whole minute faster than last time is fantastic!

1-5 Gap: 2:22
Jordan 53  - East Chapel Hill 19

Alrighty! That’s what I’m talking about. Breaking up East’s top girls isn’t easy, but Eryn did it and earned an automatic All-Conference award. Kudos to Rachel for getting that last and cherished spot – nice. It was good to see everybody improved (a lot) from the last race here which means you are all getting better. I am confident you can be even faster when we return to Beeson. I have no doubt you will all have BIG PR’s there – no doubt at all. Stay positive and run hungry.

 Girls’ JV Results (combined race)
 Wielgus 56 24:39 Almost a minute faster – great.
 Grissom 58 24:51 Steady
 Armistead 59 25:31 Tough course to go out on.
 LeClair 60 26:03 Time to lace up the hoops shoes.
 Zhang 62 26:18 You’ve gotten stronger.
 Saunders 64 26:47 I hope you had some fun along the way.
 Cleary 66 27:19 Good first season.

Girls, what a significant improvement from the last time we were here. The season is journey and all journeys have an end. We’re pleased with the progress and development of all the girls on the team. You new girls have come a long way in a short amount of time. You should be pleased and proud with your development. The cross country season is long and rigorous, but you handled yourselves well. I strongly encourage you to train at a high level; try to compete with the boys and hit the high mileage during the winter, spring and summer months. I’m confident if you run more and run more consistently that you will be better next year.