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2013 - Women's CityCounty Results

October 1, 2013
Durham City County Championships
Durham Academy

Warm, 80’s and sunny

 Girls’ Results
 Harrier Place Time 2012 CC
 Mulligan's comments
 Clark 5 21:21 21:28 Pretty good if you’re All-County on an average day.
 Geoffrion 6 22:11 21:32 If you get stronger, the second half will go better.
 Fraker 9 22:29 23:20 Yeah! All-County – Congrats!
 Price 21 23:32 DNR Turn potential into kinetic.
 Armacost 22 23:36 DNR Suffering is an inherent part of running and racing.
 Scott 25 23:45 25:31 Wow-that is much faster than last year – nice.
 Grissom 27 23:49 23:30 Opportunities aren’t infinite.
 Roe 37 24:31 DNR Your positive nature is a powerful force.
 Wielgus 38 24:45 DNR Let’s finish the year with your best races.
 LeClair 42 24:51* DNR The court is gonna seem so short.
 Ochieng 43 25:02 25:48 Be in better control of pace early – not bad though.
 Armistead 46 25:23 26:00 Nice – faster than last year.
 Saunders 49 25:36 25:27 One of your strengths is your persistence.
 Zhang 56 26:05 DNR As you get stronger, you will surely get faster.
 Cleary 59 26:45 DNR Hilly courses can be very challenging.
 Hakimoglu 62 26:58 DNR You are showing some real toughness.

Durham Academy 45 Jordan 63

Any time a team can get 3 girls in the top 10 and make All-City is pretty good. DA ran a great race and we ran a pretty good race. You helped us to win the Dennis Cullen Cup for the best overall program in Durham because we scored 100 points (with the boys’ 37). This is the 7th time in 11 years that JHS has won the award, so nice job ladies. The same advice I gave to the boys, I will give to you. It is great to have an aggressive mindset and attitude; however, you cannot let emotion cause you to run faster than you should in the early stages of a race. If you run too fast too early it can ruin a race because it is hard to recover from running a pace that is too fast for the body. Control your emotions so you can control the pace.

 “Winners have simply formed the habit of doing things losers don’t like to do.”
                                -Albert Gray

These are some of the habits I believe are displayed by great runners (and achievers):
  • training at a high level (being proactive and preparing for a competitive season)
  • planning and organizing time and efforts (setting clear progress and performance goals & objectives)
  • making running/racing a priority (living a healthy lifestyle all the time and not some of the time)
  • having a positive mental attitude (believing you can be successful and help others to achieve also)
  • finding solutions to problems (not looking for excuses or allowing setbacks to stop you or teammates)
  • working together towards a common goal (acting selflessly for the good of others)