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2013 - Women's Beeson Invite Results

Beeson Park Invitational
September 21, 2013
70’s and Ideal

 Girls’ Results (Varsity Race)
 Clark 13 20:58 Pretty darn good while recovering.
 Fraker 25 22:00* You’re picking the right time to get better.
 Ochieng 49 22:46* Great progress – keep it up.
 Price 56 23:04* Have confidence – you can do it.
 Ashton 60 23:09* Well done – you look stronger.
 Scott 63 23:17* You continue to improve – sweet.
 Armacost  DNF Better luck next time.

4th with 166 points (17 teams; 143 runners)

Girls’ Results (Junior Varsity)
 Roe 14 23:18* Great job – keep working to be better.
 Wielgus 21 23:59* You’re making progress – keep it going.
 Grissom 31 24:33 We understand your heart was elsewhere.
 Saunders 32 24:36 Continue to run in phases and stages.
 LeClair 44 24:59* Stay positive and you’ll get better.
 Zhang 49 25:11* You control your destiny – be assertive.
 Cleary 50 25:17* Keep pushing yourself to be your best.

5th place with 119 points (11 teams; 130 runners)

Wow – I guess y’all liked this course! It’s great to see everyone improving and performing better. Keep working hard together and good things will continue to happen. Your dedication to yourselves and to the team is really important if we are to continue to improve. Practice running at a high intensity and the race times will get even better. Celebrate this one because it was NICE…