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2013 - Men's State Meet Results

November 2, 2013
North Carolina 4A State Championships
Beeson Park, Kernersville
65 and sunny; 3:00 pm

 Boys’ Results
 Beamer 29 16:13 I hope this makes you even more determined.
 Kreiling 63 16:53 The body wasn’t willing.
 Blivin 74 17:01 Never give up, just work hard.
 Q.Meyer 91 17:23 May this inspire you to be great.
 G.Meyer 100 17:36 You came a long way to get here.
 Garcia 104 17:39 We saw it to the bitter end.
 Slentz 117 18:03 Where is the fire?

1-5 Gap 1:23
12th out of 16 teams with 281 points; 129 runners

    I was disappointed with the day, but I am thankful for the effort you 7 put forth today and all the days prior when you trained. It’s hard to run well in a championship and not everybody runs their best because they don’t know how to handle it and manage their emotions and efforts efficiently. It was our first trip and our lack of experience showed. We probably tried too hard and didn’t run our races. I can’t fault you for your enthusiasm and passion though, but I do expect you and the others (who didn’t race) to learn from it and learn how to better control thoughts, emotions and actions.
    One of the keys to being successful and running a great race is to be disciplined and under control. This requires poise which is a result of true confidence. Even experienced runners will falter if they lack the ability to be calm, cool and collected in pressure situations. Despite my efforts to mentally prepare you for this phase of racing, we did not race with poise and control. As you learn, you will grow, and as you grow you will become master your emotions. With maturity will come great poise which will allow you to achieve excellence.
    Injuries played a role in what happened and didn’t happen today, but I don’t accept them as the reason we failed to run just one personal best. I hope this experience motivates you all to try and be even better. Use this performance to elevate your training and ultimately your performances in the future. In order to benefit from this experience (which has great unforeseen value), you must accept responsibility for what happened and do something about it.
    I was 123rd my freshman year in college at the Division III National Championships. Despite my best efforts and a personal best, I finished 123rd place my sophomore year too. After a life-changing event and year of hard-core training, I managed 25th  in the country and attained the last All-American spot. It took a complete mental shift on my part along with an unwavering dedication to a higher level of training to go from average to exceptional.
    Make the commitment to be great! Follow it up by practicing to be great! It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior and moving on to the next level next year, or a returning sophomore. Make the decision to be exceptional and then act with great purpose and resolve to be the greatest!