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2013 - Men's Person Results

September 10, 2013
Person at Jordan

 Boys’ Results
 Beamer 1 13:36 A patch is a patch is a patch
 Ellis 2 14:24 Looking much stronger than the summer
 Deans 3 14:40 Balance running with intensity and relaxation
 4 14:46 You haven’t come close to your ceiling yet
 Scott 5 15:29 Good pack running for awhile
 Merritt 6 15:35 The strength you are building is great
 Faura 7 15:36 Excellent kick and finish
 Spencer 9 15:45 Patience is more than a virtue for you
 Winslow 10 15:46 You are coming along just fine
 Maxwell 11 15:47 Progress is a wonderful thing
 Staehle 12 15:48 I gotta say, your improvement is pleasing
 Chen 13 15:49 Your speed is developing nicely
 Armacost 14 15:58 Stronger, fitter, faster – keep it up
 D.Terwilliger 18 17:25 Building true endurance takes time
 J.Terwilliger 20 18:29 Continue to work hard and smart

1-5 Gap:  1:53

For many this was a workout and an up-tempo day. Not every race we run is intended to be an all-out-gut-busting race, so know the objective and work to achieve it so that we can achieve our ultimate goal which is to be the best team in the 50 year history of Jordan Cross Country.

Plan-the mission is to be the best team in history and perform at an elite level as a team

Execute-practice and train at a higher level and race to be the greatest we can be

Evaluate-regularly check for progress and make adjustments to make the goal a reality

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
                                                -Jim Rohn