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2013 - Men's Great American Results

October 5, 2013
Great American Cross Country Festival

Wake Med Complex
90 and hot

 Boys’ Seeded Invitational (11:30)
 Kreiling 1 15:38 Superb
 Beamer 16 16:31 4 to go
 Blivin 17 16:32 Mr. Consistency
 Garcia 89 17:44 Solid
 Rooks 101 18:03 Not bad
 G.Meyer 104 18:06 Hills don't like you
 Slentz 126 18:47 Forgettable

1-5 Gap: 2:25 Terrible at any level, in any race; we can close the gap
7th out of 18 teams with 193 points; 133 runners  MileSplit results.

 Boys’ JV II (12:30)
 Nuerenberger 47 19:12 Pretty good on this course
 Staehle 69 19:36 Keep getting better
 Merritt 73 19:40 Nice Improvement
 Winslow 75 19:43 Rip the next 2
 Spencer 80 19:50 Admirable effort
 Armacost 109 20:26 Gotta be tough with hills
 Maxwell 154 21:55 One foot in and one foot out

1-5 Gap: :38 (Awesome)
11th out of 27 teams with 323 points; 186 runners   MileSplit results.

 Boys’ JV III (2:00)
 Q.Meyer 4 17:50 Impressive
 8 18:10* Congratulations!
 Faure 16 18:30* Great on this course
 25 18:48 Nice try
 Ellis 48 19:31 Forgettable
 Chen 69 20:29 Tick Tock
 Enierga 72 20:37 Trooper
 Broadnax 137 24:37 Come on, man

1-5 Gap: 1:41 (Not good)
4th out of 21 teams with 90 points; 150 runners   MileSplit results.

There were some really good performances today; unfortunately there were a lot of forgettable ones too. The gap was off the charts because of sub-par races. Our lack of strength showed today and it is a good thing we aren’t running Regionals here because our strengths don’t suit this course. We have a month to get better and it begins with the mindset we will get better – no matter what.

“Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself."
-William Faulkner

This is one of the challenges each and every race. Running offers us a unique measuring stick in that we can always measure our progress or digression because of race distances and times. It is the truest measure of our abilities and masks nothing. We are exposed by our times for who we are and what we have become. Our improvements don’t lie and tell us we are stronger, fitter and faster than the boy or girl we were before.

Although we are trying to place ourselves in history, it is important we don’t lose sight of one of the most important principles of running and racing. The pursuit to be better is not ambiguous unless you are comparing yourself to your contemporaries and predecessors. Gage your success on how much better you are than your old self. Work with diligence to be better than you were a year ago, a month ago, a week ago. Be mentally stronger and believe you can push yourself to new and higher physical boundaries. You may have doubt or lack true confidence you can be better and this is a natural thing. I have been in your spikes and had the same insecurities. Don’t allow such negative thoughts to restrict or limit you from being the absolute best you can be. Go forth with a positive mental attitude and you will defeat the older, weaker self.