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2013 - Men's ECH Results

October 8, 2013
5000 meters
70 and overcast

 Boys’ Results
 Kreiling 1 16:47 Going out on top – how sweet it is.
 Beamer 3 16:54 Recover...
 Blivin 6 17:12 Save the legs.
 G.Meyer 8 17:47 Really good effort.
 Slentz 10 18:03 Coulda used a push from ya.
 Garcia 11 18:04 Not the way to go out, senior.
 Rooks 12 18:07 Gotta crack their top 5.
 Q.Meyer 14 18:17 Head to head racing is a challenge.
 Ellis 17 18:46 Elevate yourself.
 Thomson 23 19:24 Coming back is not easy.
 Deans 24 19:26 Where is the consistency?
 Faure 25 19:33 You looked like you were in pain.
 Merritt 26 19:40 Steady.
 Nuerenberger 27 19:41 Make the last one the best one.
 Maxwell 34 20:07 Only one to go.
 Staehle 35 20:09 Too much left in the tank.
 Winslow 38 20:21 Stop getting outkicked.
 Enierga 39 20:22 We gotta find another speed.
 Chen 40 20:29 Solid time for you on this course.
 Armacost 41 20:44 Good job racing.
 D.Terwilliger 49 21:22* Congratulations on the PR.
 Broadnax 52 22:11* Good job competing.

1-5 Gap: 1:16 (very nice)
Jordan 28; East 27

Success is defined by some as achieving what you are capable of attaining. Many would call today a success, but I would not. I would clarify it as progress. Although we finished closer to East and only lost by a point, I don’t think we ran to our full potential as a team. I know we could have finished stronger and pushed their fifth runner back with our 6th and 7th guys. Coulda, woulda, shoulda… I hope this day is a source of motivation to be better because we are trying to be at our best in the next couple of weeks. We cannot be the best in history unless we are at our personal bests first.

In the next few weeks we will incorporate speed work to improve foot speed; this should help at the start and finish of races as well as the middle (and “ten quick” throughout). Improving foot speed and quickness will help to lower times and enable us to compete at the state level. Keep in mind the basic principle of training which is: stress, recovery, improve.