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2013 - Men's DA Invite Results

Durham Academy Invite
September 7, 2013
70's and ideal

 Boys' Results
 Blivin 3 16:35 Your performance was very good - solid race
 Rooks 21 17:53 You have been running well and consistently
 Garcia 29 18:04 Find it
 Ellis 30 18:08* Congratulations on the personal record
 Slentz 31 18:20 As a junior we need you to be more competitive
 G.Meyer 37 18:37 Some things you just gotta know as a senior
 Q.Meyer 42 18:49 Each course offers different challenges and opportunities

1-5 Gap:  Amazing. Even without the top 2 guys, the gap is 1:45 and too large
5th out of 8 teams with 114 points; 56 runners

We failed to run as a pack (again). That was the primary goal for two miles and we failed to accomplish it. What is most troubling is that the attempt to pack it in and run together wasn't there. We must make a better attempt to lose ourselves in the team for the betterment of the team.

 JV Boys' Results
 Thompson 1 18:17* That race was worthy of 3 patches - good work
 Scott 3 18:45 You finally ran a smarter race - 'bout time, kid
 Deans 21 19:35 You beat yourself on this one
 Maxwell 22 19:38* Congratulations on a sub 20 race - well done
 Faura 34 20:16* Excellent racing, Raphael - congratulations on the PR
 Winslow 38 20:26* As you get stronger, you will surely drop time
 Merritt 40 20:30* You have speed to burn - aim high
 Armacost 46 20:40 Good going, little man - keep striving to be better
 Staehle 47 20:49* Sub 21 in September and Sub 20 in October?
 Chen 51 20:54* Well raced - under 21 - now aim for sub 20

Casey accomplished one of the hardest feats in running and racing and that is to lead from the start to the finish. You guys ran well on a tough little course and half of you had personal bests which is awesome!

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”
                - Mia Hamm