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2013 - Men's Conference Meet Results

October 15, 2013
PAC-6 Championships
Riverside High School
70 and very nice

 Boys’ Varsity Results
 Kreiling 1 16:10 TWO TIME CHAMPION OF THE CONFERENCE. How many titles now?
 Beamer 3 16:34 Great job stepping up and racing great.
 Blivin 5 16:57 Your performance was crucial to our success.
 Slentz 11 18:06 Excellent second half. Way to go, dude.
 G.Meyer 12 18:14 Perhaps you tried to hard – I still love the effort.
 Rooks 13 18:16 Perfect example of why all 7 run like they are in the top 5.
 Garcia 15 18:31 Stop performing like a yo-yo and get your butt in gear.

1-5 Gap: 2:14
Jordan 32 - East Chapel Hill 32  - Jordan wins because 6th guy was 13th (ECH-14th)

The difference between the duel meet (loss) and today was Blivin. Nik did his awesome thing and Beamer took care of business (again). Instead of getting beat by East’s 2nd and 3rd guys, Blivin beat both of them. It was crucial that Mitch and Grey and Rooks beat their 6th. If their guy had beaten any one of the three we would have lost. We win and lose as a team. We strive to run as one.

 Boys’ JV Results (combined race)
 Q.Meyer 1 18:21 How many races have you won? Awesome season.
 Faure 4 18:48 Close to a PR on this course is remarkable.
 Thompson 7 19:05 You’re a tough competitor – stay positive.
 Ellis 8 19:23 You are capable of being more consistent.
 Deans 9 19:24 You looked too tight.
 Nuerenberger 12 19:54 You have gotten away from what makes you good.
 Staehle 13 19:55 Good job working to get in the best shape of your life.
 Winslow 15 19:58 Under 20 on this course is solid – well run.
 Merritt 18 20:10 Superheroes wear full tights when it is 70 – not FALCONS!
 Maxwell 19 20:22 Good job; you’ve come pretty far in a short time.
 Enierga 21 20:29 Take time to heal, please.
 Chen 24 20:35 Ugh. On a flat course you could have broken 20.
 Armacost 31 21:07 Always finish with your best.
 D.Terwilliger 34 21:53 Pretty good time for you on this course.
 Broadnax 61 26:17 I hoped the last one would be your best.

Boys, we were close. Unfortunately, if scored, we would have lost 26-29 to East. I liked the aggressiveness and competitive racing though. You are a group with some talent, but I’m more excited about your enthusiasm and desire to be better. I hope your experience this fall and this whole season provided you with confidence. I know it did me because I believe this group can evolve and be really good in the future at the varsity level. Grant it, much work is required to be better, but it looks like you’re ready to make that full investment in yourselves, each other and the program.