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2013 - Men's CityCounty Results

October 1, 2013
Durham City County Championships
Durham Academy
Warm, 80’s and sunny

 Boys’ Results
 Harrier Place
 Time 2012 CC
 2013 DA
 Mulligan's Comments
 16:25 16:30
 Two-time City County Champion – congratulations!
 Beamer 2 16:30 16:45 DNR Awfully impressive on any day in any year – nice!
 Blivin 4 16:55 DNR 16:35 I think you had some doubt you couldn’t beat that guy?
 G.Meyer 12 17:45 18:18 18:37 You hung tough and did what was needed – sweet!
 Q.Meyer 18 18:11 DNR 18:49 I admire your ambition and aggressiveness.
 Slentz 24 18:45 18:34 DNR Perhaps this course doesn’t suit your strengths.
 Garcia 25 18:45 18:10 18:04 Get both feet in the boat or you’re gonna get wet.

1-5 Gap: 1:46
Jordan 37; NCS&M 42
1st of 8 teams; 57 runners

 Boys’ JV Results
 Spencer 1 18:11 17:54 DNR Your tenacity has been sorely missed.
 Rooks 2 18:26 18:51 17:53 Being under control is essential to running well.
 Ellis 3 18:53 19:41 18:08 Strive for consistency.
 Faure 4 19:05 DNR 20:16 I think you’ve got the hang of this 5k thing.
 Nuerenberger 5 19:09 DNR DNR What a great rally!
 Merritt 8 19:31* DNR 20:30 You continue to impress.
 Staehle 13 19:53 DNR 20:49 Excellent – an entire minute faster.
 Maxwell 19 20:13 DNR 19:38 Stay positive and believe you can be better.
 Deans 20 20:28 19:57 19:35 Listen to the inner voice.
 Armacost 23 20:32 DNR 20:40 Quicker starts will put you in the hunt.
 Winslow 25 20:35 DNR 20:26 Bounce back
 Chen 28 20:50 DNR 20:54 Be aggressive in the second half.
 D.Terwilliger  22:20* DNR DNR Compete to the best of your abilities.
 J.Terwilliger  23:38 DNR DNR Be determined to be better.
 Broadnax  24:48 DNR DNR One to go – make it your best.
 Enierga   20:41 20:10 

1-5 Gap :58 (This is a nice gap, fellas)

Durham City County Champions! Jordan now has 4 individual champions because Nik won the race (for the second year in a row). Jordan placed 3 guys in the top 5 which is remarkable. We averaged 17:11 which is a mere 2 seconds off the fastest average for the top 5 ever! Jordan now has 7 team titles. The JV guys swept the front 5 which has never happened before.

It was interesting to see how you guys responded to a race that meant something and may have had some pressures. It is great some of you got out so quickly, but you must be in better control or your faculties and not go out at an insane pace. I love the assertive mentality and encourage you to approach all the races like that; however, you must be in control of your emotions and don’t let them ruin your race. The second half of the race will go better if you don’t go too fast too early.

“Winners have simply formed the habit of doing things losers don’t like to do.”
                                -Albert Gray

These are some of the habits I believe are displayed by great runners (and achievers):
  • training at a high level (being proactive and preparing for a competitive season)
  • planning and organizing time and efforts (setting clear progress and performance goals & objectives)
  • making running/racing a priority (living a healthy lifestyle all the time and not some of the time)
  • having a positive mental attitude (believing you can be successful and help others to achieve also)
  • finding solutions to problems (not looking for excuses or allowing setbacks to stop you or teammates)
  • working together towards a common goal (acting selflessly for the good of others)