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2012 - Women's Regionals Results

October 27, 2012
Mideast Regional
Wake Medical Soccer Complex
Mild, breezy, 65

Girls' Results

 Geoffrion '16 40 20:51* Fantabulous! Great racing, kiddo. Way to go!
 Canuto '13 74 21:41 That’s a pretty high note to finish on. Well done.
 Fraker '15 82 22:07 Great going. Very good race. Think big.
 Clark '14 87 22:21 You’re tough – no doubt about it. Get right.
 Grissom '15 100 23:07 Well, you have a very good base to work from now.
 Roe '15 109 23:54 Keep at it, kid. Work to improve upon this.
 Saunders '14 122 26:06 Please get healthy. It’s a great lifestyle choice. Stay positive.

374 points - 14th place out of 17 teams with 133 runners

Milesplit results are here.

Racing is a result of what you put in. Training matters a great deal and proper preparation for a championship meet demands greater determination. Congratulations to Rachel on her PR and her steady improvement throughout the season. It is a model of what can happen and should happen. We have a group of young runners who enjoy running, but in order to race better, we must be more motivated and driven to excel. I encourage you to keep pushing each other and help each other to develop and improve. You can be better if two things happen: if you choose to be better and you work hard to be better. This is what running and life is all about. Strive to be the best you can be now and always.