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2012 - Women's PAC 6 Championship Results

October 16, 2012
PAC 6 Championships
Jordan High School

Girls Varsity Results

 Clark 7 21:52 I’m happy for you. You are racing great and getting better!
 Geoffrion 11 22:24 Ugh – so close. This is impressive. Keep looking forward.
 Canuto 12 22:28 You’re hanging tough. Get to the finish.
 Fraker 13 23:05 Nice job. Great job of competing.
 Grissom 18 24:52 I think you can be even better.
 Roe 19 25:45 Life is full of peaks and valleys.
 Saunders 20 25:46 Mental toughness is a great strength.

Total Time: 1:54:41     Average: 22:56.20   1-5 Split: 3:00

1 East Chapel Hill  18   1    2    3    4   8    9  10
2 Jordan                61   7  11  12  13  18  19  20
3 Riverside (4A)     74   6  14   15 17   22  23  27
4 Northern Durham 91   5  16   21 24   25  26  28

Milesplit girls varsity results here.

Girls JV Results

 Scott  25:55 It’s nice to see you racing after all that work.
 Armistead  25:58 You’re a tough little cookie. Nice race.
 Ochieng  26:48 Stay positive. Races don’t always go the way we want them to.

One All-Conference performer is pretty good. We were close to having two which would have been really nice. It was good to see you girls really competing and working so hard in the race. It takes that kind of effort over a long period of time to be the best and if you want to be the best you can be, you must train and run with conviction.

The road less traveled for young runners is the path of hard work. In order to get significantly better, a young runner must dedicate themselves to a higher standard of training. This requires a greater commitment to training which in turn requires more effort. There is no short cut to getting faster and that is why the road of champions is scattered with so few runners. I encourage you to strive to be the best runner you can be and try to achieve greatness. If you have the will and desire to be better and be the best you can be, then you will have a positive outcome. Stay positive and be courageous in your pursuit of excellence.