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2012 - Women's Jungle Run Results

September 1, 2012
Jungle Run
South View High School
Great conditions

 Clark '14 67 22:25 This is a good start; nice to see a teammate with you too.
 Geoffrion '16 72 22:35 Very good start, freshman. The future looks good.
 Canuto '13 86 23:14 Rusty. Move forward.
 Fraker '15 92 23:37 Very nice especially for the first one.
 Grissom '14 97 23:47 The mental approach is a little different than track but not much.
 Hoyle '15 100 24:04 Looks like the body just wasn't used to this kind of effort. It will.
 Saunders '14 123 25:48 Finish with ferocity.

1-5 Gap: 1:22

     Varsity Scoring - 18 teams and 131 runners
16 Jordan       385 points        62     67     80     86     90     93     114

Milesplit results here.

     Girls, this is a starting point to gage where we are. It is a gage of what was done during the off-season and not so much a gage of what we've done in a couple of weeks. Improvements occur in the 9 months of training before race day. Keep this in mind in the future. It was good to see the pack running and togetherness; this is a great way to race and to train. These times will dictate training paces as we move forward and continue to improve.
     You new comers did very well for your first 5k. Although it is traditionally a faster course than most, when it's
your first one there is nothing easy about it. Your races will go even better once you figure out how to run at this distance. I'm confident your times will drop if you apply yourself while training. Plan on being better and set some realistic goals to achieve in the weeks and months to come.