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2012 - Women's Hagan Stone Results

October 6, 2012
Hagan Stone Classic
Hagan Stone Park
75 and a little sloppy

Championship Girls’ Results

 Clark 38 21:19* Yahoo – way to go, Eryn. Congratulations!
 Geoffrion 45 21:42* Awesome racing; you’re getting better – yeah.
 Canuto 89 23:17 REST, ICE, RECOVER
 Grissom 104 24:13 Try to use all those fast twitch muscles more through the race.
 Roe 116 24:59 Keep working to get stronger and it will be more fun.
 Saunders 120 25:27 I admire your toughness. Stay positive.

344 points - 15th out of 18 teams with 135 runners.

Milesplit girls' championship results here.

Eryn and Rachel – you raced like you have been training. You did a terrific job getting out and going after it. Keep working to get better and October will be a lot more fun. Ladies, it’s important you prepare mentally in the next few weeks as well as training at the highest level. Train like you want to race and have faith the training will help you race better.