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2012 - Women's adidas Results

September 15, 2012
ADIDAS XC Challenge
Wake Med (SAS)
Ideal course conditions

Girls' Invitational

 Clark '14 59 21:43* Congratulations - this is a terrific PR
 Geoffrion '16 66 22:00* Excellent - great time for your first time
 Canuto '13 80 22:35 Nice - headed in the right direction - keep it up
 Fraker '15 121 23:38 You're coming along nicely - keep the faith
 Grissom '15 155 24:40 Races like this will make you stronger
 Saunders '15 168 25:09 Stay positive and train inspired

     Varsity Scoring - 33 teams and 244 runners:
16. Jordan 447 (56, 62 ,75,111,143)

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Girls' JV

 Roe '15 103 24:51 You will get stronger - keep pushing
 Armistead '16 192 28:28 What a memorable first race - welcome to XC

Milesplit girls' JV results here.

     Congratulations to Eryn and Rachel on running personal bests. These times are really good for this course. Enjoy the races and use them as motivation to get even better - to get even faster. I have no doubt you can continue to improve if you fully dedicate yourself to your training. I'm confident everyone can be faster in October on the same course because we are going to work diligently to be fitter and faster.
     Adopt the pack mentality in training to improve together. However, be cautious. It does not mean waiting for teammates because that doesn't help you or them to get better. Push the pack and work hard together. Push each other to work harder and stretch your abilities. You can only be successful together if all of you are striving to achieve more. In order to achieve more, we will need to be smart with our training, but also fully committed. This may mean stepping outside your comfort zone and 'hurtin' ' some in training runs. It'll be worth it.
     Have faith and keep working hard together ladies. You have all that is necessary to get better and improve. Allow your talents to surface by opening up and working harder than ever before.