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2012 - Men's Regionals Results

October 27, 2012
Mideast Regional
Wake Medical Soccer Complex
Mild, breezy, 65

Boys’ Results

 Kreiling '14 6 15:55 Great job preparing for this day and racing with purpose and resolve.
 Beamer '14 9 16:03* If you didn’t look back (10 times) you would have broken 16. Sweet PR.
 Spencer '16 72 17:40* Your success is a product of great tenacity. Good PR.
 Connelly '13 77 17:49 If the start were more assertive you could have run another PR.
 Garcia '14 92 18:08 This is an opportunity to overcome adversity and grow.
 Slentz '15 100 18:22 I had hoped for more; learn and use it to be better.
 Meyer '14 111 18:53 Where did the front runner go?

Gap 1-5: 2:13

256 points - 9th place out of 21 teams and 142 runners

Milesplit results are here.

Congratulations to Nikolaus and Daniel! You boys ran great. Your accomplishments today are awesome and something to be proud of. I gotta give some props to Andrew who stepped up and ran a personal best on the most important day of the season; this was a really good race for a freshman. I urge you to stop racing ‘in relation to opponents’ though.

The rest of you looked shocked when the gun went off and ill prepared to compete in a Regional Championship. Runners 4 through 7 were completely out of the race a quarter mile into the race and that shouldn’t have happened. You fellas never gave yourselves a chance with such a slow start. I hope that performance is an impetus for change because you never want to represent yourself or the team with such a poor showing.