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2012 - Men's Providence Invitational Results

August 25, 2012
Providence Invite
McAlpine Park
Ideal conditions: 70 and sunny

 Kreiling '14  9  15:56* The fastest 5000 meter race run by the fastest Jordan runner ever
 Beamer '14  14  16:08* Elite performance that demands RESPECT - congratulations
 Garcia '14  78  17:20* Clearly you are fitter, faster and ready to roll in 2012- nice PR
 Schreyack '14  144  18:07* Good to see you running hard and smart. Continue to develop
 Smith '13  156  18:15* This is a really positive start and an indicator you are back
 S. Long '14  173  18:24 If you're going to be frustrated, turn it into fuel, for it is power
 Slentz '15  247  19:18 Although the body may have been ready, I'm not sure the mind was

1-5 Gap: 2:19

1-7 Gap: 3:26


            Varsity Scoring Teams and Points - 44 teams and 374 runners:

1. Broughton 50 (5 6 11 12 16 36 45)

2. Cary 91 (1 10 24 25 31 35 146)

3. Lexington 121 (3 4 20 27 67 117 158)

4. Mount Tabor 144 (7 13 21 43 60 124 157)

5. Weddington 198 (18 30 40 42 68 85 87)

6. Cardinal Gibbons 202 (17 39 47 48 51 72 112)

7. Hilton Head 229 (2 15 33 89 90 120)

8. Providence 239 (8 44 61 62 64 106 118)

9. Green Hope 292 (22 57 58 76 79 94 122)

10. North Lincoln 303 (23 28 37 81 134 142 221)

11. Northwestern 376 (41 59 73 74 129 130 162)

12. Charlotte Catholic 379 (34 65 71 88 121 126 138)

13. Jordan 390 (9 14 77 140 150 165 218)

Milesplit varsity individual results and team results. (Boys teams are below girls teams.)

Milesplit recap here.

 Spencer '16  22  18:35  This is a fantastic start, Bull Dog
 Connelly '13  32  18:46   Step up, senior.
 Meyer '14  39  18:54*   Starting the new season with a PR is a really good start - ramp it up
 Roberts '15  104  19:57   Performance is a product of our efforts over a long period of time
 Boudreau '16  119  20:16   Xavier, this was a good starting point. You'll do even better later
 Ellis '16  121  20:17   Welcome to high school racing. Keep working hard to get faster
 Deans '16  154  20:40   You have already improved a lot in a short time. Push the pace
 Scott '16  156  20:42   Run under control and you'll perform even better
 Rooks '16  160  20:45   Nice start. The next goal is to train and stay with Wes and X man
 C.Long '16  230  21:39   I asked too much of you today. Try to find balance
 Taylor '16  370  24:44   Take a chance by giving yourself a chance and start a little quicker

1-5 Gap: 1:41

1-7 Gap: 2:05


            Junior Varsity Scoring Teams and Points - 33 teams and 438 runners:

1. Green Hope 28 (3 4 5 6 10 19 21)

2. Lexington 67 (1 2 11 14 39 41 51)

3. Broughton 112 (12 13 28 29 30 31 47)

4. Providence 156 (9 18 38 42 49 66 75)

5. Hilton Head 196 (8 24 35 64 65 68 73)

6. Northwestern 242 (32 43 45 60 62 69 84)

7. East Rowan 242 (7 33 59 63 80 109 110)

8. Charlotte Catholic 250 (36 37 50 55 72 91 99)

9. Mount Tabor 252 (26 44 46 58 78 86 88)

10. Jordan 261 (20 27 34 85 95 97 119)

Milesplit JV individual results and team results. (Boys teams are below girls teams.) 

    The sport of Cross Country is popular in North Carolina and the running population is growing. It is a very talented field from the beaches of Wilmington to the Appalachian mountains. The region in which we compete is the most talented and deepest region in the state and this is not new information. The RTP area is saturated with talented young runners with great passion and enthusiasm. The high schools of this region are legendary and have reached and maintained elite status because they produce record breaking performers and teams year after year after year.

    This meet was a very good indicator of the training completed over the spring and summer months; it is also an indicator of God-given talent and ability. When we rely on our natural gifts and don't work to develop them and improve, we ourselves do not get better. Each year of high school offers a new challenge and an opportunity for growth. The growth will be minimal at best if the time and effort spent to improve isn't dramatically greater than the previous year's work. Our program is working in this direction and trying to change the culture in Durham.

    The Providence Invite offered us a great opportunity and many guys seized it and ran Personal Records. The new runners were baptized and had a memorable first 5k. The teams in the Mideast Region are highlighted because those are the teams, those are the programs we are competing against. We have a significant gap to cover in the next 9 weeks; it is a daunting difference in points that demands our greatest efforts. We have lessened the gap some and have room to improve. At this point, 19 guys will need to leave caution to the wind. The new and old guys will need to train with the same passion and purpose.

    Nicky ran 35 seconds faster than his PR race at the Footlocker Regional last November and eclipsed Chris Barron '10 who ran 16:05 in 2009 on the same course at the Wendy's Invitational. The top 10 performance was accomplished with negative split miles; his first mile (5:10) was his slowest. His teamwork with Beamer looked just like practice when they were working side by side and pushing each other to excel. Beamer ran 16:37 at McAlpine last fall and logged the most rigorous off season of training ever. He cashed in Saturday morning with a 16:08 and a 29 second PR. This race is among the fastest in Jordan history.

    Romel Garcia has followed the same path of training as Nicky and continues to improve. His diligence over the summer and dedication to training at a higher level has allowed him to run faster too. His 17:20 is 24 seconds better than last fall's performance which was a big PR. Mike, Oliver and Grey turned in personal bests and are trying to find themselves when it comes to racing and have promise. The top 5 from Saturday ran well; the problem is the teams in our region ran far better.

    Broughton and Cary are legit programs with front runners and depth. They are podium contenders and in another league right now. Green Hope is much improved and extremely deep. The green Falcons are the ones we could and should contend with at Regionals in October. As I laid out the individual goals and team goals in the spring it was clear the success of our program was dependent on everyone getting better - ideally one minute. The greatest impact will be felt if the 3-7 guys can get a minute faster since their improvement of 60 seconds could mean 60 places whereas an improvement by Nicky or Beamer of 60 seconds would only be 10 or 20 guys (still significant but not as impactful). The results from the first meet confirm my theory and belief if our front runners run 16 flatish and the 3-7 guys can run 17 at Wake Med Soccer (SAS) at the Mideast Regional, we will be in the hunt to qualify for States. If you don't believe it is possible and you can reach or exceed this goal, then it will likely not happen by accident or luck.

    The pack racing in the 18's must train with Romel for he is the heart of our being. The more guys that train and run with Romel, the better we will be, the more competitive we will be. If you aren't training at his level, you cannot expect to race at 17. He won't be content at 17:20 and he won't be waiting either. Pack it up and pack it in with Romel. Our development depends on your commitment to run 17 on the most challenging course on the biggest stage. Set your mind to it and train with conviction to make it happen.

    You guys racing in the 20's will improve as you get stronger. It is important you train at a high level and with great resolve. The season will go fast and so will the opportunities to succeed. Manage your time and efforts better than your classmates who aren't running. Hold yourself to a higher standard in the classroom and at practice. You have the same opportunities to get better and it is very important you don't waste those opportunities now. Your success in this sport is as much a product of work as it is talent. Work with enthusiasm and passion to get better and to help those around you to improve.

    Next Saturday we will have another opportunity to compete against some really good schools - one of which we beat in South View - the host school (ranked 13th overall in the preseason 4A rankings); I think Pinecrest will also be there and trying to win with some serious firepower. Our goal is to be on the podium as a team and that means placing in the top 3. I am optimistic this second race will go as well or even better since it is also flat and historically fast.  The mindset should be to get better and get better daily. That means putting in extraordinary work to improve physically, mentally and emotionally.

    There are no ifs involved. We will work like the greatest team in Jordan history. We will work harder and smarter than any team ever has. We will strive to be better than the best teams in Jordan lore. That is my goal as your coach. I hope you're ready.