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2012 - Men's PAC 6 Championship Results

October 16, 2012
PAC 6 Championships
Jordan High School

Boys Varsity Results

 Kreiling 1 16:19 That was one of the greatest races. PAC – 6 CHAMP – yahoo!
 Beamer 4 16:54 Good finish. You are going in the right direction. Be positive.
 Connelly 9 17:59 That is worthy of All-Conference – great going, Pat!
 Garcia 11 18:10 Close to where you want to be. Time to step it up.
 Spencer 13 18:15 9 seconds of the top 10 is pretty good, frosh.
 Smith 16 18:44 Experience is a better teacher/coach than me.
 S. Long 19 19:21 You will survive and be better for it.

Total Time: 1:27:37     Average: 17:31.40      1-5 Split: 1:56

East Chapel Hill    30   2  3    7   8   10   14   15
Jordan                 38   1  4    9   11   13   16   19
Northern Durham  85   5   6  23  25   26   27   28
Riverside             88  12 17 18   20  21   22   24

Milesplit boys varsity results here.

Boys JV Results

 Meyer 2 18:27 Good going. I like your assertive racing lately.
 Slentz 3 18:28 You really run very well in the second half of races. Nice…
 Ellis 7 19:37 That is more like it. Great racing, kid.
 Rooks 8 19:38 Ambition and persistence matter a great deal.
 Boudreau 13 20:02 What will your mark on Jordan be?
 Deans 17 20:37 Your intentness will carry you far.
 Enierga 18 20:41 Positive attitudes lead to positive outcomes.
 Scott  DNF Broken toe while racing.

It was within our power to win this meet, but I am unsure we, as a whole team, really wanted this otherwise our efforts would have been greater to prepare for this championship meet. It is not enough to want to be good. Life and running requires we have industriousness - that we work hard. I am optimistic because of the team’s enthusiasm to develop and improve, but it takes more than the desire to be good.  It takes a long term commitment to be the best you can be. It takes intentness, a dogged determination to overcome obstacles, bounce back from setbacks and always strive to achieve the goal to be the best we can be.

It has been a long time since we had an individual champion and I sure don’t take Nicky’s performance for granted. He ran like a true front runner, the leader of this team. He was mixing it up with two of the faster guys in the state and never wavered. It was a clutch performance and a legendary race. Beamer battled and edged Northern’s best while Pat put in another sub 18 performance and top 10 finish. Garcia was just seconds off a top 10 showing too. It was a good race by the freshman, Spencer, who almost made it to the All-Conference level. The JV guys ran well. The JV runners filled me with hope with their effort too. If it weren’t for some miscues, Grey might have won the race. Mitch had a typical great second half and ran a good time. Wes and Rooks competed well and represented the class of ’16 with honor. Deans, Boudreau and Enierga gutted out another race while Scott broke his toe (ouch). It was a good effort by all; however, being a champion requires more than being good. We are capable of more and will strive to be better in the future. You must want it though.