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2012 - Men's Hagan Stone Results

October 6, 2012
Hagan Stone Classic
Hagan Stone Park
75 and a little sloppy

Championship Boys’ Results

 Kreiling 3 16:19 Be careful what you expect of yourself.
 Beamer 6 16:28 This is a good race back, so have no doubt about what you can do.
 Slentz 61 18:03* Your performance was fantastic! Congratulations on the PR.
 Spencer 67 18:09 Not a bad race at all; keep striving to be your best.
 Garcia 72 18:17 Do not lose faith.
 Meyer 96 18:37 Pretty good, but it could be better if you took a big chance.
 S. Long 110 18:56 Puzzling…

Gap 1-5: 1:58 (Rough)

194 points - 6th out of 23 teams with 167 runners

Milesplit boys' championship results here.

Developmental Boys' Results

 Scott 12 18:32* Great going. Way to go after it!
 Deans 61 19:56* Welcome to the club – excellent racing, Cole!
 Ellis 62 19:57 Nice job helping a teammate to accomplish his goal.
 Enierga 84 20:29 We’re gonna find a way to get you there. Believe.

Milesplit boys' developmental results here.

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the personal bests today. I don’t take for granted the front running and good performances by Nicky and Daniel; you two belong in the front pack anywhere you run. Mitch ran great and almost broke the 18 minute barrier. This time puts him :59 faster than his best time last year. Running a personal best on this course says a lot because ‘it races slow’, so it was a really good race. Justice, you too ran a really impressive 5k. I wonder if you can break 18 at City County or at the PAC – 6 Championship. Good job on breaking 20, Cole. Now we just have one more guy to get under 20.