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2012 - Men's City County Results

October 11, 2012
City County Championships
Durham Academy
75 and ideal

Boys’ Championship Results

 Kreiling 1 16:30 Add Durham City-County Champion to the resume. 3rd best ever.
 Beamer 2 16:41 Congratulations. This is an excellent time. 7th fastest ever.
 Spencer 16 17:54* Sensational man. You sure do represent us well.
 Connelly 17 17:55 Well done. This is a good performance.
 Garcia 21 18:10 Get your legs back and keep your head up. Commit to it.
 S. Long 25 18:18 Be disciplined when the pain comes and fight it off. You can do it.
 Smith 33 18:45 Keep your head up. You’ve worked too hard too long to let up.

Gap 1-5: 1:40 YIKES

Blunt Cup

Jordan    57 points - 1st out of 8 teams with 51 runners
NCS&M  59
DA         98

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Boys’ JV Results

 Meyer 1 18:18 That was the most impressive race you’ve ever had – GREAT!
 Slentz 3 18:34 Your performance while recovering is inspirational.
 Rooks 4 18:51* Continue to push yourself and you will achieve success.
 Scott 5 18:56 Looks like you’re figuring out how to race 5ks – nice.
 Ellis  19:25 Hang in there and maintain a positive attitude.
 Deans  19:41 Way to go, Cole. You continue to improve.
 Boudreau  19:57 If you would give running an honest chance….
 C. Long  20:21 You might be too tough for your own good.
 Enierga  20:41 I love the effort. Keep trying to be your best and you’re a success.

Fellas, congratulations! Last year the top 5 averaged 18:00 and the 2005 winning team averaged 17:58.  This year the top 5 averaged 17:26 which is the fastest average for a Jordan team in Durham City County history. The team is the 5th fastest at the meet all-time which is really impressive. What may be more impressive is the number of fast guys. We had 11 guys run under 19:00 which is the most ever and is really good. Jordan now has 6 team titles and 3 individual winners.

As well as we ran today, we must be better in the weeks to come. So enjoy the victory and be ready to elevate your racing to the next level. Believe and have faith we can perform better and keep pushing yourself to achieve greatness.

I am very pleased with how you all competed. What really sticks out for me is that every guy racing was racing hard. The effort of Vincent (our last finisher) was equivalent to the effort of our front guys and all the guys in between were racing hard. I am prouder of that than I am of the actual results/score. That mentality and approach is what we are about and why we will continue to improve and get better.

Cullen Cup

NCS&M   43 + 59 = 112
Jordan     51 + 57 = 118