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2012 - Men's adidas Results

September 15, 2012
ADIDAS XC Challenge
Wake Med (SAS)
Ideal course conditions

Boys' Championship

 Kreiling '14 6 15:33* An elite performance that is the best ever by a JHS runner
 Garcia '14 121 17:33 Although frustrating, this is faster than last year
 Connelly '13 129 17:36* Congrats Pat, keep working towards sub 17 now
 Spencer '16 144 17:59* Your tenacity is remarkable - keep it up, Bull Dog
 S. Long '14 170 18:07* Not bad - let's start training hard now - it's hammer time
 Beamer '14 173 18:09 DNF would have been better
 Meyer '14 177 18:13* Two personal bests in one week - you're going great
 Slentz '15 213 18:35 You must be more aggressive and assert yourself
 Smith '13 248 19:08 DNF would have been smarter

1-5 Gap: 2:34
1-7 Gap: 2:40

     Varsity Scoring - 36 teams and 316 runners:
20. Jordan 529 (6, 121, 144, 170, 173)

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Boys' JV

 Scott '16 23 19:06* Congratulations - this is a great improvement
 Rooks '16 31 19:25* Fantastic - you're developing quickly - keep it up
 Ellis '16 40 19:42 Pretty good but you must finish stronger - no matter what
 Deans '16 59 20:13* Nice PR - you'll be under 20 soon and forever
 Enierga '16 64 20:26* Congrats - you're first true PR - go for another

1-5 Gap: 1:20

     Junior Varsity Scoring - 16 teams and 174 runners:
6. Jordan 165 (21, 26, 31, 42, 45)

Milesplit boys' JV results here.

     We had nine out of thirteen guys run personal bests which is very impressive. This was a real good showing by the freshmen who competed on a high level and to the best of their abilities. You young guys will continue to improve if you are diligent and enthusiastic. I encourage you to keep pushing yourselves and each other to train at an even higher level so that we can compete on the highest level now and in the future.
     Injuries hurt us yesterday and are a harsh reality of athletics. It is important to be patient in order to recover properly. Let's not let one injury further complicate progress by rushing hastily back into training. Be patient by listening to your bodies and respond accordingly. This race was important but so is the one in late October, so focus on being healthy again.
     Grey, Pat, Sean, Andrew and Nicky - congratulations fellas, your personal bests reflect your on-going improvement. It's nice to see the fall's work paying off. Celebrate the performance and its place and then move on. It's time to look forward and continue to train to be the best you can be. Our success depends on your dedication to become even better. You must be stronger mentally and physically as we dive into a demanding training phase.
     Nicky, your race was one for the record books. Coach Gray and I were just marveling at practice the other day about how strong you looked and how you seemed to float when running. The 15:33 you ran is something special. Keep up the good work and strive to achieve greatness for that is the standard.