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2011 - Men's Kernsersville Results

4 Runners Only
Distance:  5K
October 8, 2011
Beeson Park, Kernersville
70 and Great

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Boys’ Invitational Jr./Sr. Results- 455 points (19th /29 Teams)       










Congratulations on the personal best


Connelly Jr. 18:28* A nice time for a personal best
98   Smith Jr.   18:32  Let’s go; you can put it together now 
116  McGinnis  Jr.   18:47*  Personal record on a great day 
150  Simpson, B.  Jr.  19:40   Working back into it is hard 
163  Graffagnino  Sr.  19:58   Yeah, under 20 is nice 

455 Points  

1-5 Gap:  1 minute 31 seconds (I’ll take this today)

Personally I think this is one of the best courses; this course reminds me of a collegiate course and it is in great shape. I’m glad you guys were able to run so well on such a great cross country course. I’m happy for the Personal Records to Sam Peters, Big Pat, and Zack – sweet running, fellas. I am very pleased with how you guys got out and pushed it during the second mile. Well done, Boys.

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Boys’ Fr. / So. Race - 303 Points ( 11th/27 Teams)      










A personal record and under 18 is awesome


Schreyak So. 18:31 Don’t be too disappointed; this is ok


Meyer So. 18:56* Congratulations on the PR; under 19 is sweet


Simpson, M. So. 18:57* Awesome personal best and sub 19 is great


Slentz So. 19:08 Everybody finishes strong; finish stronger


Taylor So. 20:13 Persistence will carry you


Jaime So. 20:18* I am impressed. Well done, kiddo


Rust Fr. 23:15 Spend that energy throughout the 5k 

303 Points

We had some excellent performances today and congratulations to Romel for getting under 18 for the first time; you’ll never want to run 18 something again. Nice going to Grey and Matt, for they broke the 19 minute barrier. I definitely have to give some love to Jaime who could hardly run a 5k a month and a half ago. Now the guy is flirting with 20 – this is awesome. We now have 12 guys under 19, right? That’s good stuff… We have 4 guys under 18, right? That’s even better stuff…

11th out of 27 teams
1-5 Gap:  1 minute and 11 seconds
1-5 Gap of Top runners from both races:  1 minute and 23 seconds

Most high school races start out too fast. It is hard to stay relaxed and run within yourself, yet it is absolutely necessary if we are to perform at our best. When you look at the second miles, we are slowing down considerably. This midrace decline is avoidable if the first stage of the race is run more comfortably. This might require slowing down 5 or 10 seconds the first stage of the race or just running it relaxed and not forcing it. The radical difference in splits is the difference between good and great races.

For example:  Sam’s pace was 19 seconds slower in the second mile while Oliver’s, Zack’s and Grey’s second mile was 34 seconds slower. Course conditions dictate uneven paces, but the goal was to run the second mile faster than the first and I have no doubt everybody tried to make that happen; however, it could not and cannot happen if the first mile isn’t run with poise and control. This racing tactic is hard to practice and even harder to put in play when racing. Emotion plays a large role in it on race day. If we practice and train the way we are capable of racing then we can reduce or eliminate the negative impact emotion can play in the first phase of a race. The results will be better and the second and third mile times will improve. Practicing self control and discipline on a daily basis will improve performance by building confidence – confidence in running strong when others are fading, hanging on, or hoping.