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2011 - Men's East Chapel Hill & Riverside Results

Distance:  5K+
October 11, 2011
65  and rainy

Boys’ Results- Loss   ECH 21 v JHS 38;   
                       Win     JHS 17 v. RHS 48        







Sam Peters 



Achieving team goals starts with you


Nicky Kreiling  So. 18:27 Master the mental aspect of the competition
Dan Beamer    So. 18:28  Dogged determination and success are directly linked 
12  Mike Schreyack    So. 19:20  The internal decision to excel is a great starting point 
13  Romel Garcia    So. 19:28  We are all more capable than we give ourselves credit for 
14 Patrick Connelly    Jr. 19:30  Success is achieved by doing things right on a regular basis 
15  Matt Simpson    So. 19:41  Good things happen when we believe and make them happen 
17  Sean Long    So. 19:43  Attitude is the key to effectively managing anything 
19 Oliver Smith   Jtr.  19:59  We can alter the course of our lives at any time 
20  Mitchell Slentz    Fr. 20:03  Develop your capabilities to the fullest 
21 Grey Meyer   So.  20:10 There are even more opportunities and possibilities 
25  Sam Taylor   So.  20:53 Our potential for real success depends on our ambition 
27Zack McGinnis Jr. 21:23 Success is achieved by people who are action-oriented 
28  J. Graffagnino  Sr.   21:23 Successful people maintain high standards in all they do 
29  Ben Simpson   Jr.  21:24 Everything should be made as simple as possible 
30 Ivan Robinson   Sr.   21:27 Our rewards in life don’t always appear as we imagined 
33  Ace Kaspar   Sr.   21:57 Life is a balancing act that requires daily management 
36  Angel Jaime   Fr.   22:16 The chance for success lies in your belief of yourself 
39  Nick Roberts   Fr.   2242 Understand the difference between a goal and a wish 
45  Madison Rust   So.  24:50 There is no substitute for industriousness 

1-5 Gap: 1:18     1-7 Gap:  1:31  


  • 4-1 in the regular season of the PAC-6 conference (2nd)
  • A victory over Riverside
  • 11 out of the top 12 are not graduating

The BAD:

  • We were swept; ECH went 1, 2, 3
  • Our 4th and 5th runners were knocked by ECH’s 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th guys
  • We did not win the regular season PAC-6 conference championship


  • There was not enough enthusiasm or passion; the effort was not adequate
  • They clearly “wanted it more”


Areas of Need:  pack mentality, mental toughness, dedication to excellence