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2010 - Women's Mideast Regional Results

October 30, 2010
Mideast Regional @ SAS/WakeMed
Ideal conditions, upper 60’s

Girls’ Regional                      Official Women's Regional race results click here. (Milesplit)

5000 Meters (132 runners)





Wolfpack Invite (10/18/2010)  /       Mully’s Comments

Kathryn Greenwell



21:00  / Success is knowing you did your best.- you did great

Michaela Woodmansee



What a terrific 5k – I really enjoy watching you compete

Samantha Ray



You’ve gained a greater appreciation for running

Vanessa Canuto



Fantabulous! Your progress has been so fun to watch

Eryn Clark



I am so glad you seized this race as an opportunity to shine

Emily Bell



23:10 Progress is a great indicator of development - smile

Kate Frauenfelder



Glad to see you running racing for a personal best - sweet


Team Stats:

Jordan 303 10th out of 19 teams

Coach Gray and I asked you to race to the best of your abilities and to perform up to your potential. You clearly did that today and we appreciate the effort you put forth to make it happen. Pushing your body beyond its limits is no easy task and to do it time and time again takes a special kind of person. You all showed your talents as runners today and as people. I know each of you have your own battles within the 5000 meter race and I thought you managed them well.

KG, the work you put in over the past few months were not in vain; you put yourself into position to make it out of the toughest region in NC. I hope in the process of your training, you learned what a strong willed person you are. I hope you now realize just how powerful you are. You represented our program like a champion from the start and we’re grateful for that.

To the 3 juniors who battled more than 128 other runners – you ladies did us proud. The results mean different things for us. Emily Bell – as frustrating as the season has been, you have been a rock. Your reliability to compete and do your best despite not running your fastest times is a reflection of what great character you have. We know you want to run faster and we want you to run faster, but running and racing aren’t always fair. Keep your head high, for you have contributed much more quality finishes. I don’t mind leaving the program in your hands because I know you will try your best to improve and help your teammates to succeed. Woody - running in the mid 20’s is quite an accomplishment and you should be especially proud of yourself, Michaela. Although you are not happy with running in the 21’s and not being able to fight up front, this race and this season have displayed what a remarkable young person you truly are. Disappointment makes cowards of us all and despite the setbacks of this season, you have persisted, you have overcome when many people would have given up or given in. I admire your tenacity and always have. The injury and illness have helped to show what a tough individual you are and despite our weaknesses and flaws as fragile human beings, you have also shown just how grand we are because of our spirit.

Canuto, you are a beacon of hope and inspiration for all runners. I know why Coach Gray is so appreciative and grateful for your presence. How you conduct yourself and continue to work and improve is remarkable. You regularly demonstrate the beauty of this sport; your progression is a direct result of your dedication and work which is worthy of our adulation. Please continue to set an example for others to follow, for you have the potential to lead with your actions.

Freshmen Kate and Clark, you took an opportunity and ran with it, ladies. We couldn’t be happier with your times and performances today. You have embraced the Jordan ways and run with a competitive edge all season. I’m glad you got to race today and represent JXC at a regional championship. I look forward to your contributions in the next 3 regionals too. 

Thanks, ladies.