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2010 - Men's Mideast Regional Results

October 30, 2010
Mideast Regional @ SAS/WakeMed
Ideal conditions, upper 60’s

Boys’ Regional                      Official Men's Regional race results click here. (Milesplit)

5000 Meters (141 runners)





Wolfpack Invite (10/18/2010)  /       Mully’s Comments

Darrin LaForge



17:41 / What a way to finish at JHS – great race

Sam Peters



17:41 / This is a good reflection of how good you are

Nicky Kreiling



18:26 / The race was one of the best ever by a frosh at JHS 

Austen Rios



18:09 / You have really done a heckuva job at JXC - thanks

Aaron Taylor



18:13 /  Running this fast is what you set out to do - Awesome

Jimmy Wyngaarden



19:03 /  Very good, Jimmy, you’ve had a very good season

Alex Catotti



Your transformation has been real rewarding to watch


Team Stats:

1-5 Gap:  19 seconds is unheard of!!!! Awesome, fellas, awesome!!!!

17:21 average

Jordan 309 points 11th out of 20 teams

For the first time in a BIG meet, I wasn’t anxious or nervous about how the team would perform. I knew you would run well today, it was just a question of how fast. I didn’t need to run all over the course in a panic because I was confident you guys would handle and manage the race together. This year you have been the most consistent and reliable team of 7 I have ever coached. With all due respect to the teams of the past, you were the most impressive group of harriers running a 5K I have seen since becoming a member of the Jordan program. You ran as a team. Collectively, you ran the perfect race. The combined efforts of the 5-pack was tremendous and a real tribute to you as individuals. You’re an unselfish group of young men who executed an impressive regional race. Congratulations…

Sam and Jimmy – the reigns are yours. The fate of the program is in your hands and hopefully in your hearts. I hope the standard of training and performing set by the seniors is something you wholeheartedly embrace and build on. Our continued progress as a program will be dependent on your desires and dedication in the next year. We are celebrating excellence today – make it a part of the JXC training program and we’ll return here with a fast group.

Nicky, the class of 2014 is yours to lead. If your group works as diligently as Alex, Aaron, Darrin and Austen did for 4 years, you will be a very fast group as seniors. However, if you work with even greater purpose and commitment, there is no telling what you young pups could accomplish. Decide who you want to be, help others to excel and fully commit to the development and improvement of the team. You benefitted from the pack. Adopt this style of running and teach your teammates so they can also benefit from the harrier pack.

It has been a long journey to get to this point, but one I hope you seniors have enjoyed. Coach Gray and I couldn’t be prouder of you guys - Alex, Aaron, Darrin and Austen. Your efforts over the weeks, months and years are greatly appreciated. You have conducted yourselves with distinction and honor. As a coach, I’m fortunate to have worked with you young men. It has been a real pleasure being a part of your development. Coach Gray and I are happy for your success and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Thanks, fellas.